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Only 25 years ago, small companies were manually managing their payroll and even large companies were still hand signing checks.  Today, with changes in technology, more and more companies are relying on their mobile phones, tablets or online portals to process payroll and run reports.

The ability to access payroll and run payroll anytime, anywhere, across multiple devices is becoming the standard.  A contributing factor is that businesses are becoming more comfortable moving their data from a local desktop to an online or cloud-based service.  The cloud-based system provides an additional efficiency towards becoming a paperless society; direct deposit and e-filing services save employers time and money.

All in all, the goal of these technology changes are to reduce the amount of time required to process payroll and allow business owners more time to run their business.  The past few years have required an investment to hardware and software changes, to create such a platform.  The demand for innovation was driven to create a better, faster and more seamless, user experience.  The next step will be integrating with applications, such as HR tools, accounting software and core business applications.

The complexity of payroll will continue to grow, with changes in a flexible workforce that requires more 1099 contractors and work-at-home employees, and compliance with the mounting list of local, state and federal regulations.  Increasing compliance requirements for payroll reporting, quarterly filings, year-end filings, etc. will continue to plague business owners.  We at Service 1st Payroll are happy to answer your payroll needs, and that is why we are excited to offer our own new cloud-based program, Service1stExpress

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